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Be Natural

Special Selection Diffuser Gift Set in Bamboo or Dark-Wood finish

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Be Natural - Ultrasonic Diffuser Plus our Special Selection 6 pack - Organic Certified Essential Oils:

Choose from our Bamboo- or Dark-Wood Finish...

This is the Special Selection Gift for anyone, whether it's a birthday, Xmas or any special occasion. Not only is the Be Natural Diffuser a wonderful machine to have, but our Organic Certified Essential oils are all undiluted and unadulterated, made from Pure and Organic Certified Essential Oils and we only source the very best oils from around the world.

The Be Natural - Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffuser Essential Oil Diffuser & Air Purifier is perfect for the office, home, nursery, bedroom, living room, study, spa & yoga studio.

How to use

With a great mist output, this essential oil diffuser covers up to 20-25 square meters
With four time setting modes: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours or continuous, it creates a calming and relaxing experience with a waterless auto shut-off function.

Though it has a water tank of 300ml we recommended that 200ml of water is used instead and preferably filtered water to maximize the mist output.

With its soothing LED Lights- The colour can be cycled through or set it to one fixed colour or no colour at all. Each colour has two light options: dim or bright creating a beautiful ambiance

To enjoy your Diffuser for longer please clean the diffuser after every 2nd or 3rd use, using a cotton bud, a ¼ cup of water and a quarter teaspoon of vinegar to ensure your diffuser functions optimally. The cotton bud is to ensure that the ultrasonic plate is cleaned optimally. Allow to air dry completely before reusing

Never allow water with essentials oils to stand when not in use.


Place a few drops into your bath, ultrasonic diffuser or diffuser pendant to receive the amazing benefits of this award-winning blend. Add a few drops to a carrier oil and massage. A skin patch test is recommended and never use essential oils undiluted on the skin.

The Benefits of an Aroma Diffuser:

- A safer alternative to candles and ceramic burners
- Creates a peaceful & tranquil environment
- Elevates your mood
- Great for your skin
- Improves cognitive function
- Helps reduce stress levels
- Wards off illness and seasonal threats
- Helps you breathe easier
- Improves air quality
- Gives you a peaceful nights sleep
- Helps repel insects
- Keeps you cool

In The box

Be Natural - Bamboo or Dark-Wood Grain finish Ultrasonic Diffuser
Two-pronged power adapter
Instruction manual

Plus our Special Selection 6 pack - Organic Certified Essential Oils:

- Lemon 10ml
- Bulgarian Lavender 10ml
- Peppermint 10ml
- Eucalyptus Radiata 10ml
- Lemongrass 10ml
- Orange Sweet 10ml

Customer Reviews

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Love this brand. The diffuser works well and the oils are of a fantastic quality.