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Be Natural

Eucalyptus Smithii - Organic Essential Oil - 10ml

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Eucalyptus Smithii - Organic Essential Oil (Exclusive to our site only - deal)

With Eucalyptus Smithii's higher Cineole content of 75-84% is great for opening breathing passages and to assist with nasal congestion. Cineole is essentially what you smell, when you smell Eucalyptus and its the Cineole that helps with opening passages. The Smithii version is not recommended for people with Asthma due to its very high cineole content, but you can safely use Eucalyptus Radiata. 

Being Organic Certified, you can rest assured that this oil is free from any harmful pesticides and the trees were also grown in untreated soil. So just the way nature intended it to be, pure and wild!

Eucalyptus Smithii, commonly known as the gully gum, that is endemic to southeastern Australia and is also widely grown in southern Africa.

This oil can be diffused to aid in respiratory problems and assist with nasal congestion. When diffused it also energizes, sharpens, and focuses the mind.

When adding a few drops to a carrier it can provide comfort for sore, tired, aching muscles and joints.

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10ml Be Natural - Organic Certified - Eucalyptus Smithii Essential oil

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Very strong eucalyptus smell. Works very well


Good Product

Pete Ireland

Such a strong smelling Eucalyptus oil. Really helped me with my chest