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Jojoba - Pure Organic Oil - 30ml

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Jojoba - Pure Organic Oil

Jojoba oil is a light-feeling oil but deeply hydrating, and full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are integral to the health of your skin.

It moisturizes dry skin and diminishes dullness, leaving you skin glowing and it can soothe Eczema prone skin.

Because of its natural vitamin B complex that fights off free radicals and repairs cell damage, and vitamin E that helps speed up cell regeneration, jojoba oil is a great anti-aging ingredient.

When used on the hair, it's a great treatment for dry hair, it prevents split ends and may even promote hair growth.

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1x Jojoba - Pure Organic Oil - 30ml

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    Cradle cap

    My 3 month old got very bad cradle cap and nearly lost all her hair. I used this Jojoba oil and within a few days the cradle cap was gone and the hair began to grow back very quickly. This is a brilliant oil!